EE Mobile crowned best mobile operator 5 consecutive years


EE Mobile crowned best mobile operator 5 consecutive years

EE Mobile wins 'operator of the year' yet again (Image Source: EE Newsroom)

The independent tester Root Metrics has named EE Mobile this year’s best network operator in the UK. The carrier has been winning the last 10 bi-annual reviews making it ‘operator of the year’ 5 years in a row.

EE (which is a part of BT) stood as a clear winner in 6 categories:  Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data Performance, Call Performance and Text Performance and has scored 96 points out of total 100.

Right behind EE Mobile was Three with 93, Vodafone 90.1 and O2 with 86.6 points.

Sources from RootMetrics are commenting that the gap between the best and the worst network becomes narrower with time and the upcoming 5G technology will be quite an important differentiator. The fifth-generation wireless is expected to launch between 2019 and 2020 and would bring significant advantage to the operator that will deploy it first, due to the substantial increase of speed and quality of the network.

The conducted report has based its findings on more than 590,000 tests, measuring performance in 654 indoor locations in the span of 21,000 miles.

(Image Source: EE Newsroom)


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