Giffgaff is now giving away free GB in their monthly subscriptions


Giff Gaff latest july changes 2018

There are some new and exciting announcements from the UK’s low budget mobile operator Giffgaff. According to their website they make updates to their monthly subscriptions with new and attractive offers giving away even more minutes, text and surfing data.

Some of their brand-new attempts to make the operator even more affordable and wide spread is the 20GB, unlimited minutes and texts subscription for the incredible price of £20. In addition to that Giffgaff is giving away extra GB in some of their old subscriptions for the same price as the customers were paying before.

Few of the reasons why subscribers love Giffgaff is the flexibility and savings that come with their monthly plans. With every new customer they give 1GB for free as well as an option to change or cancel the selected plan anytime without any binding conditions.

Plus all of their minutes, texts and GB are free to use in the EU countries as well, for a worry free and relaxed holidays.


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