How 'Piggybank Rewards' can give you discount in Sky Mobile


Sky Mobile introduces PiggyBank

Sky Mobile is proving to be a fast-growing mobile operator thanks to its versatile mobile plan subscriptions and customizable tariffs for every budget and need.

Their latest feature - a Piggybank Rewards, an option that doesn’t let your unused data go to waste. This comes as a great addition to the Sky Mobile’s Roll, where at the end of every month your unused data is automatically rolled over in the next month.

But now things are getting even better because with the Sky Piggybank rewards all of the unused data can be put into a better use- savings on new phones, tablets and accessories. The rewards are being changed every month and the more GB you have, the better the chance to get something cooler.

From now on it will be the decision of the customer how they want to use the extra GB: either more surfing in the next month or discounts on gadgets and accessories from top brands on the Sky website.

Ever since Sky Mobile have introduced the rollover option, their customers have saved more than £50 million worth of data, a small piece of the £8.4 billion worth of unused data Brits are losing every year.


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